School Night - Pop Up
A short spot I did to advertise an upcoming pop-up shop for School Night.

Mueller Water Products - Intelligent Water Technology Diagram
Cinema 4D model of a city with different hotspots explaining the products and their uses. Working version here. Done in partnership with The SuperGroup.


The Bed By The Window - Title Sequence
A title sequence I animated and composed the music for. This was done for a 48 hr film my wife directed.



School Night Gifs
Silly random things I make for School Night.


Laser Party Invitation Videos
My wife and I own an original 80s laser backdrop for school portraits. Sometimes we have parties where we invite our friends to dress up and take pictures in front of it.
I did the (intentionally awful) motion graphics, music, and voiceover for these invitations. Done in partnership with Karla Jean Davis and Troy Stains.